Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Southern Sudan

This is my seventh U N mission and now I am working as the Training and Public Outreach Officer for Renk County and Manyo County in State III, Upper Nile state of Southern Sudan. Renk is the most northerly of Counties in the Upper Nile State. It is bounded in the East by Ed Damazin, North West by Khosti, West by Manyo; South by Melut and Maban.

Because of its location, it is directly linked to Khartoum by both river and all season road. It is famous as an agricultural centre with a cotton industry. For this reason, Renk has some of the largest warehouses in the Upper Nile State with 10,000 ton capacities. It is 190km from Melut Team site and can be reached by road both during the dry season (4 hrs) and the wet season (within 6 hrs.) From the State Capital, it is 388km away and can be reached within 10 hours during the dry season.
During the wet season rain makes all the roads muddy and vehicles get stuck very often and will also affected by the floods. No paved roads in side the county except the tarred road to Khartoum.

Population: 137, 751 (based on 2008 Census)

Language: Arabic is widely spoken, as well as other ethnic languages such as Shuluk, Dinka and Burun. A few officials speak English
Religion: Christianity, Islam and Traditionalism.

People have limited resources and the literacy rate is very low. Most of the villages do not have access even to basic needs. Most of the traders are handling all the business and ruling institutions as well.

( Get back to you with more details)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Turmoil of Life

My body is entangled with thorns
Can't tolerate the severe pain of the bones
Wounded hands through long years of toil
Detail the depth of my life's turmoil

Shattered dreams fallen apart
Slowly creep every inch of my heart
The boat I built is trapped and sunk
Can I start a new life, forgetting this junk?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Fallen and risen

I was floating in air
Saw the sun's golden glare
Definitely know that you will share
All my life with love and care

Summer had ended
Fall shakes all the trees
Ground is carpeted with crunching golden leaves
I was thinking about my dream
It shouldn't run down the stream

I have fallen and risen many times
it's not sweet like a jingle chimes
Hope you will not commit crimes
As long as our poems rhymes

My antenna is extended
To catch your fragrance, romance scented
I would visualize a silvery moonlight
Together with you throughout the night 

Friday, September 11, 2009

My New Love

My world was dark as darkness
Neither sun nor moon even no stars
To survive and breath in this harshness
Was a nightmare felt like an alien from Mars

My dreams disappeared amidst the roaring waves
Hopes flew away and hide in side the caves
Future was just a dry leaf in the river
Nature in my life,is it always to shiver?

Boat I was rowing not strong enough any more
But one solitary figure managed to make it to the shore
Could that little figure with his magical power
Give me back my life and bless me a miracle shower

Where were you hiding? the question was from my mind
Answer given was difficult to trace or to find
Let's live today, tomorrow is practically invisible
My BLOG; my LOVE said,"I'll be responsible"

Monday, September 7, 2009

Thorny paths

On each and every branch of the tree
Flowers do not bloom
All the hearts that love so free
Will not get the love they want

I will smile even in thorny paths
If I can see you above as stars

Tears, sighs are not simple like you think
Stars are alive as long as they blink

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Not Diminished......

I see my life in front of me
Darkened and shrink with fear
The dust storms worsen the weather
But still I want to feel like a feather

I hear strange voices
Together with horrible refrains
The wind is too hard, and I can't sail
But I'll keep rowing, as I don't want to fail

My pain is my shadow
My heart was fallen in a meadow
Sacrifices do not give us gifts
Happiness and sadness will be in shifts

I am hurt but not diminished yet
I've tolerated the obstacles that I've met
Building an oasis in a dessert
Not very easy, but what an effort?

A Tear

Comes from the spring of life
Gives comfort and a bit of relief
Shares my sorrows and even happiness
Tells how much it cares for me

When the dreams scattered without a sign
You will be the one and only healer of mine
Where the kindness have gone of the mankind
Can you give me a clue,I need to get it find

Keep going and flowing all through the life
My soul needs it to keep me warm and bright
Men think it is a weapon of women
'Cause they don't have a soft or sensitive heart

It's the real harmony of life and soul
Blending ups and downs not letting you fall
When you roll down, cheeks will get refreshed
The vision will also definetely be cleared