Monday, February 23, 2009

Forbidden World

Forbidden World
Sufferings, frustrations all covered
Unseen, unexplored, yet to be heard
What's the sin you have done in this world?

To live unexposed, unseen and unheard
Under the blue Burqas expressions hidden
Smiles, blue eyes, faces forbidden
Cultural long will exist?

For your rights you have to resist!
Time has come, give me your hand
For your own rights you have to stand
Unveil your face, look beyond the blue net

World is so wide, you don't have to hide
You should overcome
From the enormous obstacles you faced
Offences, suppressions, injustices should be chased
Struggle for peace, freedom and equality!
Intimidations should not exist in the society

Pushpa Ramlani Copyright ©2007 Pushpa Ramlani Dissanayake