Friday, October 2, 2009

Fallen and risen

I was floating in air
Saw the sun's golden glare
Definitely know that you will share
All my life with love and care

Summer had ended
Fall shakes all the trees
Ground is carpeted with crunching golden leaves
I was thinking about my dream
It shouldn't run down the stream

I have fallen and risen many times
it's not sweet like a jingle chimes
Hope you will not commit crimes
As long as our poems rhymes

My antenna is extended
To catch your fragrance, romance scented
I would visualize a silvery moonlight
Together with you throughout the night 

Friday, September 11, 2009

My New Love

My world was dark as darkness
Neither sun nor moon even no stars
To survive and breath in this harshness
Was a nightmare felt like an alien from Mars

My dreams disappeared amidst the roaring waves
Hopes flew away and hide in side the caves
Future was just a dry leaf in the river
Nature in my life,is it always to shiver?

Boat I was rowing not strong enough any more
But one solitary figure managed to make it to the shore
Could that little figure with his magical power
Give me back my life and bless me a miracle shower

Where were you hiding? the question was from my mind
Answer given was difficult to trace or to find
Let's live today, tomorrow is practically invisible
My BLOG; my LOVE said,"I'll be responsible"

Monday, September 7, 2009

Thorny paths

On each and every branch of the tree
Flowers do not bloom
All the hearts that love so free
Will not get the love they want

I will smile even in thorny paths
If I can see you above as stars

Tears, sighs are not simple like you think
Stars are alive as long as they blink

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Not Diminished......

I see my life in front of me
Darkened and shrink with fear
The dust storms worsen the weather
But still I want to feel like a feather

I hear strange voices
Together with horrible refrains
The wind is too hard, and I can't sail
But I'll keep rowing, as I don't want to fail

My pain is my shadow
My heart was fallen in a meadow
Sacrifices do not give us gifts
Happiness and sadness will be in shifts

I am hurt but not diminished yet
I've tolerated the obstacles that I've met
Building an oasis in a dessert
Not very easy, but what an effort?

A Tear

Comes from the spring of life
Gives comfort and a bit of relief
Shares my sorrows and even happiness
Tells how much it cares for me

When the dreams scattered without a sign
You will be the one and only healer of mine
Where the kindness have gone of the mankind
Can you give me a clue,I need to get it find

Keep going and flowing all through the life
My soul needs it to keep me warm and bright
Men think it is a weapon of women
'Cause they don't have a soft or sensitive heart

It's the real harmony of life and soul
Blending ups and downs not letting you fall
When you roll down, cheeks will get refreshed
The vision will also definetely be cleared 


Be together, yes...forever
To face the harshness
Of the life
To enjoy the happiness
Of the life

Why should we depart
Till our death
We should inhale
Together our breath
Who to blame
Or who to claim

Warm blanket of love
Is covering us above
fragrance of flowers
moonlight showers
Day and night
Will keep us bright

All day along
We'll sing this song
‘We'll be together
YES,  forever

Brand New start

If I have you, closer to me
I can put everything in to a fabulous frame
You are the rays of morning sunshine
Your love heals me
Your love fills every thing

You brought my heart back
With gentle care
You made my dreams true
In the  Autumn glare's a brand new start
We promised that we will never depart
We will always be together
Forever, forever and forever

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I'm lost Some Where......

I am lost somewhere!

You took me to the End of the World
Tears dried...sighs controlled
You took my tears and gave me smiles
With full of hopes
I felt like I got wings
To fly over the snowy mountains

You embraced me so hard
With your caring words
Which I have never heard before
Which I have never felt before
I was amazed, and really got mesmerized
I thought I met my soul mate
You loved me so much
You told me every day so…

Your love made me strong
We together sang our song
Life started to be fabulous
You were so awesome
Still you are so……

But my valentine bid me good bye
On the Valentine’s Day
Leaving again tears with me
How can I stop my tears?
Tell me where your love has gone?
I can’t bare this any more…

Dreams shattered and collapsed
Left me lonely in the road side of love
With a bleeding broken heart
Tell me can we part?
I am lost somewhere
Can you please help me to find me?

Women's Day Song

Lyrics: Pushpa Ramlani Dissanayake -
Program Co-ordinator of the Women & Media Collective
Music : Charitha Priyadharshani Peiris
Sung by 100 well known Sri Lankan female


Let us light a candle in the name of all the mothers
Who nurture the whole world in their warm hands
Let us light a candle in the name all brave women
Who struggle and sacrifice their lives
To build a better a world for their children

Let us light a candle in the name of all daughters
Whose lives are crushed before blooming
Let us light a candle in the name of all infant daughters
Whose embryos were destroyed before they were born

Let us light a candle in the name of all brave women
Who shed their blood and sweat in factories
Work places, farms, homes and in the silicone valley
Let us light a candle in the name of all widows
Whose lives were destroyed by the cruelty of war

Let us light a candle in the name of all grandmothers
Who take care of grand children even when they are feeble
Let us light a candle in the name of all strong women
Who struggle for their rights, for peace and democracy
To build a better world without violence and destruction.

The song together with ten other women's songs written, composed and sung by Sri Lankan women will soon be available on CD and tape produced by the Women and Media Collective.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Forbidden World

Forbidden World
Sufferings, frustrations all covered
Unseen, unexplored, yet to be heard
What's the sin you have done in this world?

To live unexposed, unseen and unheard
Under the blue Burqas expressions hidden
Smiles, blue eyes, faces forbidden
Cultural long will exist?

For your rights you have to resist!
Time has come, give me your hand
For your own rights you have to stand
Unveil your face, look beyond the blue net

World is so wide, you don't have to hide
You should overcome
From the enormous obstacles you faced
Offences, suppressions, injustices should be chased
Struggle for peace, freedom and equality!
Intimidations should not exist in the society

Pushpa Ramlani Copyright ©2007 Pushpa Ramlani Dissanayake